Rikstoto Commercial

Hello, its been a while! :) Here's a project I did last year for McCann. A commercial for Rikstoto V75 (a norwegian horserace lottery). Illustrations by me, the style is quite different from what I usually do, which was a fun challenge. The commercial was animated and put together by McCann. You can see the final video below:

Explainer Video - RITE Latency

Hello! This is something completely different than what you have seen from me before. I did an explainer video for RITE  which explains internet latency. So this is pretty much the first time I've shared a motion video were I created the video in addition to the drawings (I will create a new category for my page later with more of this). Anyway, the video was created in After Effects, and because of the detailed topic and length this video was quite a lot of work actually. Anyway, hope you enjoy and learn something about how internet works at the same time ;)

Jordan Toothbrush Commercial

Bacterias Having a Feast (Cold)

ENvironment Concept

Bacterias Having a Feast (Warm)

Here are some concepts I did for a Jordan Toothbrush commercial (Norwegian). Commercial was developed by Apt/Try and I was hired to do the concept images which the 3d part would be based on. I was absolutely astonished by the end result which Apt/Try managed to pull of with the commercial. You can see a video here:

Greenpoint (grønnpunkt)

Main Environment location



Classrom #

Poster CHaracters

Superhero #1

Superhero #2

Superhero #3

Superhero #4

Hello, here´s a larger project that I was recently involved with. A kids brochure/webpage from governments "throw paper, plastic and recyclable matererials" in the right places intitiative :) Its called Grønnpunkt (english: greenpoint). These backgrounds and charcaters was part of a book and homepage for kids were they could build their own superhero. ...something like that :)