Block 'n' Load - Concept Art

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Its about time to show some of the concept work I've done for Block ´n´Load. This is just a glimpse of all the character designs I did for the game. The game features more characters and of course I made a ton which never got into the game as well. In addition, a ton of work went into designing all the devices, weapons and other stuff for the game as well. ( I will add this later)

Greenpoint (grønnpunkt)

Main Environment location



Classrom #

Poster CHaracters

Superhero #1

Superhero #2

Superhero #3

Superhero #4

Hello, here´s a larger project that I was recently involved with. A kids brochure/webpage from governments "throw paper, plastic and recyclable matererials" in the right places intitiative :) Its called Grønnpunkt (english: greenpoint). These backgrounds and charcaters was part of a book and homepage for kids were they could build their own superhero. ...something like that :)