Avatar Video Speedpaint

Hello, as I mentioned on my previous post, I was going to have some fun recording myself painting. So, yeah, I made my first YouTube video!
My kid was nagging for attention, the camera was rolling and I tried my best to focus on the painting, what a stressful feeling. But atleast I managed to make something :D

Funny thing though is that I spent 10 times as much time trying to get it onto YouTube with proper video settings, I guess I must be stupid or something, since the whole world just dumps stuff into YouTube with no problems at all.
I chose a rather non-original motif. I thought, if I'm going to make a video, it should be of something that appeals to non-art-geeks as well. I loved the movie Avatar of course, so why not do something inspired by that. I was surprised, but it should have been obvious, that there's already a thousand videos on YouTube doing the exact same thing. Oh, well, at least I tried to build up my painting in a proper way, not just sit and detail a traced sketch straight off a still-image from the film, like all the others do.
It took me about 15 minutes to paint this. If anyone find it entertaining I might make another...we'll see how the hits go, make sure to spread it out to friends and people!

Watch the video here or click here to go directly  to YouTube and watch the HD version (recommended):