Rite Explainer Video #2

Long time no update! And for that I'm sorry. It's not because I haven't been busy, on the contrary I've been very busy. I will try to add a few updates towards Christmas.

Starting off with this video I did for RITE. If you checked into my webpage earlier, you might have seen the first movie I did for RITE. I don't usually do this kind of videos all by myself, but when I do I enjoy it a lot! This video was made using Photoshop and After Effects. I made everything from storyboard to final product on this one (except music and script) and it is meant as a "Explainer Video" for Rite. So if you wonder why you have latency on your internet, this video can explain it for you....Not that it will help you personally, but at least you will know why ;)

Explainer Video - RITE Latency

Hello! This is something completely different than what you have seen from me before. I did an explainer video for RITE  which explains internet latency. So this is pretty much the first time I've shared a motion video were I created the video in addition to the drawings (I will create a new category for my page later with more of this). Anyway, the video was created in After Effects, and because of the detailed topic and length this video was quite a lot of work actually. Anyway, hope you enjoy and learn something about how internet works at the same time ;)