Battlestar Art presentation at the Unite 2010

Guh! I hate to announce this...But I´ve been slow this year, so I deserve to make a bit of an embarassment of myself. 
Anyway, I was having a presentation at the Unity Unite 2010 in Montreal late last year. The presentation was about the Art Direction of Battlestar Galactica and some of the choices we made. The presentation is about 45 mins long and I talk half of the time. Voja my colleague and out lead animator talks the rest.

If you care to have a look, go here to watch it.

But I need to point out that I´ve never done this before, in english that is, and I´m by far a trained speaker. So when I´m watching it now I see I could have appeared a bit more enthusiastic. Oh well, one has to evolve by actual experience ;)