Some Environment scribbles

Hello again, just wanted to make another weekly update :)
These are 4 sketches of some scenes that I thought would be suitable to post now because of the summer being here :) - for something that never turned out into anything. They were intended to look a bit 60´s detective book illustrations. It was fin trying something different. Hope you like it.
You can find 3 more in the Environments section

Freia Website Art

Here are a few images for Freia (chokolate company) 2010 website, which we provided artwork for. All the imagery of the site was done by me, Mikael Noguchi and Chester Laquian. We/Artplant was hired by Virtual Garden, which developed the site and idea. 
The site and art won a prestigeous award in Norway called Sølvtaggen

Fin the images in the Environments gallery!
Feel free to visit the site:
It's in norwegian.

Statoils Corporate Film

Hey, I´m back again with another update to my site. I never seem to find the time to update these days, but at least managed to add some stuff now :) . This is a project I worked on late 2009, it was a corporate film for Statoil. A lot of people from various commersial companies were involved with this production. Me and Artplant was hired by Gimpville to provide some concepts for some of the shots they were going to make as well as some mattepaints for some of these shots. Personally I´ve never done mattepaints before, so this was a new and hard challenge for me. But the after seeing the end result I´m happy, Gimpville did an awesome job with their shots - and I think the final movie has a nice professional quality to it.

You can watch the film here.
Stay tuned for more updates soon!