Moose in Sunset

Now what the heck is this ? :D
Well, if you are from Norway you would know that every Norwegian should make a Moose in Sunset once during their career. Well´so here´s my take on the subject. And, even if this is sort of an cliché for use Norwegians, I bet there´s not many artists that have done this kind of motif as a digital painting ;)

Take a look in high resolution in the Personal Miscellaneous gallery. 

The reason why I made this is because I was invited to enter an art competition called Share one Planet. I know I said earlier that I would document the process and progression of my entry. But, after I noticed that I hadn´t read the rules properly, and had to start over, i sort of lost motivation for a while. And, since my last months have been very busy with work I just had to take this between here and there whenever I had time . So I apologize to anyone who was looking for sketches ang progress pictures - I promise I will do this some other time with some other picture ;)