Happy new year!

Hello everyone. It's been a nice chrismas holiday for me this year, an almost double week were I've been able to relax with my family after a very hectic end of 2008. Mostly for me it's been about being with my kids building Lego Star Wars and playing Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman on DS and Xbox 360...yup it's that age now for 5 year old son. My youngest, 2 year old son, pretty much wants to watch Ice Age all the time, and that's what he's been up to during the holiday...soon I think my DVD player will refuse that certain dvd and puke it out instantly...(or atleast I hope it will :) )
So, no new art from me to share yet, most of what I did late 2008 I cannot show yet. But, here's a drawing of Wall-E from my 5 year old son. Enjoy!